Sound recording of crying children of migrants in U.S.

35e7d64d8892a036b6c4767b54dbaeae - Sound recording of crying children of migrants in U.S.

A recording of the children in the Spanish to their parents call, and vienna, and published on the website ‘ProPublica’. It would go to a clip of last week in a detention facility.

Two-minute long talk, and vienna, the children in the sound recording. In Spanish. They ask for their parents, their aunt. To be the place where they are staying. According to the website ProPublica, a platform for investigative journalism, the human rights lawyer Jennifer Harbury, the sound is delivered. That would be the fragment of a client have received recently a detention facility visited for children of migrants who are illegally in the United States try to come inside.

The hard recording, follow these steps on the photos of the shelters for children, released yesterday by the American border police.

On the border in Texas are 2,000 migrant children separated from their parents. One of the centers in which they reside, is a former store of the supermarket chain Walmart. There are almost 1,500 of boys, between ten and seventeen years old, two hours per day outside are allowed and have the right to just two phone calls per week. On average, they are 56 days long separated from their parents.

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