Separation Boris and Lilly Becker weeks ago submitted

9fef7f36d7d5e65ecaf8d64dbc84e080 - Separation Boris and Lilly Becker weeks ago submitted

About three weeks ago, Boris and Lilly Becker known to get a divorce. Bild reports that a reconciliation there really is no more in it, because the divorce is already filed.

Boris Becker confirms itself to the German newspaper: “There is no way back. We have separated quite a while back requested.”

Also, it is already around that the two’s shared apartment in London will leave and both of them are looking for a new place.

The lawyer of the Beckers, Christian-Oliver Moser, says in a statement that both Boris as Lilly on good terms and want to remain with each other because of their son. “This decision is after a relationship of 13 years and a marriage of 9 years is not easy. The most important thing for them is the well-being of their son Amadeus”, ” the lawyer said.

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