Second trial for Guy Van Sande

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Guy Van Sande appeared this morning before the court in Veurne for a case regarding child pornography, but pleaded is not there yet. The treatment of reference is postponed to the session of next week. That will not be the only time that the former actor for the judge.

That Of Sande his name fell in a child pornography affair, did not go unnoticed. The news went around like a train. All that time was so the attention is kept away from a second trial. Against the cases actor is still in a financial dispute, tells you All today. Of Sande married on 24 may 2016, with Nathalie, a party with bells and whistles. Star Entertainment, the management agency of numerous Flemish artists, was even turned on. Nothing was missing: a reception, a luxebarbecue with lobster, a dance party, with former Qmusic and Joe-dj Bjorn Verhoeven, burgers and fries,… Maybe a little too much of the good? Two years later, the invoice is still unpaid. So started Star Entertainment filed a lawsuit against the couple. Both parties do not want to comment lost. After his dismissal from Zone City released Of Sande no more money in the coffers as an actor. That period would also have been previous relationship gone sour. He took to cocaine, but soon ran his drug use got out of hand.

A long time ago told his wife, Nathalie, all Day, in All that his addiction a lot of money has cost. “Ultimately, there were bailiffs, but those debts are all paid off,” says Nathalie. “We’re not in the least be warm. Actually, we should survive,” she said then. Since his name cases, it is in the case of child pornography could Of Sande not to work as an actor. Also his job as a representative for a telecom and energy company was halted, tells All. So it seems that the invoice of the wedding fast will be paid.

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