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Satoshi Nakamoto: What the CIA knows?

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Speculation about the identity of the Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto are at least as old as the Genesis Block. Perhaps the CIA could bring light into the darkness.

Who Satoshi Nakamoto is? This is the question the cryptographic community, since the release of the Bitcoin-White-Pape. In spite of various hot tracks, it succeeded neither Amateur nor professional investigators, so far, to lift the veil the – or the – the inventor of the Blockchain technology.

Neither confirmation nor denial by CIA

Daniel house of lords, editor at has tried his luck with a direct request from the American intelligence services CIA and FBI. He wanted to know if the Agency documents about the identity of Nakamoto. Specifically, the upper house demanded all of the Agency’s internal E-Mails, in which Nakamoto Name sounded. He referred to the Freedom of Information Act of 1966, according to the US-citizens have the right to apply for access to documents of the state authorities.

While the response of the FBI to the request is still pending, came from the CIA, already in a collection:

“The Request was rejected, with the Agency of the documents can confirm the presence of the be asked, nor deny.”

This statement is, of course, still room for speculation. Especially when you consider that the formulation of the “neither confirm nor deny” has a kind of cult status. The CIA is aware of. So she announced to 2014 in your first Tweet self-deprecating:

Here are the facts of the case behaves clearly: of Course, it was the first Tweet of the CIA. One can conclude analogously to the fact that the Agency may very well be documents about Satoshi Nakamoto? After all, what was known in the last years, data collection by American intelligence services, suggests this conclusion. Recent releases from Edward Snowden show that can also weigh the (Pseudo-)anonymity to the considered cryptographic community in the security.

You may now be curious as to whether the FBI will be in the case of Nakamoto auskunfst joyful. At least until then, probably a lot of fun on Surmise and Speculate.

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