Rue from ‘The Hunger Games’ is out on Instagram

e66d763f14a5f819ae7efb46233c1a2a - Rue from 'The Hunger Games' is out on Instagram

The American actress Amandla Stenberg, known for her role as Rue in the popular film series ‘The Hunger Games’, falls on women. That she has on her Instagramkanaal published. “I am relieved now I realize that I am a lesbian am,” said the star.

With a Instagrampost made Stenberg her sexuality known. “Out of the closet and be proud of it,” she writes. In an interview with the magazine Wonderland talk the 19-year-old actress and singer for the first time openly about her ‘coming-out’. “That I women fall, has nothing to do with my previous relationships with men. It is a part of myself that been there since my birth and where I very much love”, sounds.

To say that is Stenberg enormously relieved now that she realizes that she women. “The pieces of the puzzle are now all in place cases,” she explains. “Everything I used to have doubts or uncertain about, it is now easy to explain by my sexuality.” In 2016 showed the actress already know that she is bisexual.

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