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Robert Pattinson proves that he is also in a real role, his teeth can put

Each day an alternative to the world cup. Robert Pattinson brings the book of Don Delillo to life. NPO also offers a mini series about a ‘perfect’ schooljongetje, or is it a psycho killer? And for the lovers there is a documentary about the first year of the Trump era.


NPO 2 21.05-22.00

NPO 2 is so helpful every day an exciting alternative to offer for the world cup. On Tuesday, that is four weeks long this extraordinarily hard mini series, about a ‘perfect’ schooljongetje that everything has to be a psychopathic killer. Who needs to talk about Kevin, if you see this kid have?


Caz 20.50-22.40 pm

Typical David Cronenberg, this drama to the book of the same name by Don Delillo. So strange that you can’t look away. Robert Pattinson proved when he also was in a real role his teeth (jaha!).


NPO 2 22.55-0.00 hours

Finally, the mind-boggling documentary about the first year of the Trump era, such as the editors of The New York Times the experienced. Also in the (unfortunately shortened version) is still on Canvas.

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