Republicans Senate: child belongs to the parents

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WASHINGTON – All the Republicans in the U.s. Senate want to migrantenfamilies hold together while their status is determined. The leader of the Republicans in the Senate Mitch McConnell announced Tuesday that work on a solution for the separation of children from their parents. That would be in the new legislation, must be recorded.

Donald Trump with the leader of the Republicans in the Senate, Mitch McConnell (archive view).

Since the entry into force of stricter rules in mid-april are nearly 2,000 children separated from their parents after the families from Mexico illegally the border with the US were passed. Because the adults in anticipation of their criminal case to be fastened, the children are transferred elsewhere. At home and abroad, is a storm of criticism erupted on the separation of parents and children.

“I think that we need to solve, we must come together and solve this,” said McConnell in the direction of the Democrats. Number two within the group John Cornyn said that the goal was within a few days the question to solve.

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The leader of the Democrats in the Senate be new legislation. According to Chuck Schumer, is that “not the way to go” because Trump his policies simply adapt to.

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The Republicans have a small majority of 51 against 49 in the Senate. For new legislation, and sixty votes are needed.

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