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Red Bull F1 team in service from 2019, with Honda engines

Red Bull Racing has officially confirmed that from next year, with engines from Honda will be racing. By the switch to Honda comes to an end a twelve-year-old collaboration between Red Bull and Renault.

The collaboration between Red Bull and Renault began in 2007 and had its peak in the period 2010-2013. Then were no less than four rijderstitels and four constructeurstitels in a row achieved. Together, there were a total of 47 victories.

The relationship between Red Bull and Renault sour, however, serious when in 2014 the V6-hybridemotoren in the Formula 1 were introduced. Red Bull was not satisfied with the unreliable Renault engine, which is also not sufficiently competitive. It came to a rift between Red Bull and Renault, but Red Bull had with hanging legs back strike at Renault because it’s both at Ferrari as Mercedes motor got.

It made sure that Red Bull with Renault engines continued to drive, but under the name of Tag Heuer. The relationship between Red Bull and Renault, however, remained under intense pressure, and when it was decided that the zusterteam Toro Rosso this year, with Honda engines would drive it, it was a harbinger of a possible switch to Red Bull Racing to Honda.

After months of speculations it is now official, Red Bull Racing drive with the Honda engines in 2019. Indeed, the same Honda that at the end of last year by McLaren at the door was supposed to Red Bull Racing next year in Max Verstappen for the world title to compete. Wait and see what it will give …

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