Pull United States withdrew from the UN human rights Council?

fa8e2ec6c3ee2b753313827d4c1bfdec - Pull United States withdrew from the UN human rights Council?

According to several American media the American government to announce that it withdraws from the human rights Council of the United Nations. The government of Trump the council was hypocritical and biased.

The announcement would to 23 hours in Washington (17 hours local time), according to sources familiar with the dossier to Bloomberg and Reuters. The announcement would be by the minister of Foreign Affairs Mike Pompeo and the Us ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley happen.

The government of president Donald Trump expressed all regular criticism on the functioning of the board, which is hypocritical and biased against Russia.

In a speech before the human rights Council, had accused Haley of the council last year in an ‘incessant, pathological campaign against Israel. They also wanted that the members of the board with a bad mensenrechtenreputatie outside can be taken. “The United States will not sit silently while this institution that is supposedly devoted to human rights, the cause of human rights continues to cause damage,” says Haley.

At the United Nations, it was learned that there is no official notification about the withdrawal had arrived.

Human rights council

In the human rights Council, created in 2006, composed of 47 members. The last meeting of the Council began on Monday with a swipe to Trumps immigration policy by UN-mensenrechtencommissaris Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein. He described the practice of children at the border of their parents ‘ separating ‘unconscionable’.

Trumps national security advisor John Bolton was in the resistance in 2006 against the creation of the Council. He was then ambassador to the UN. Washington joined in 2009 to the Council, when Barack Obama became president.

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