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Problem with Standard? Junior Edmilson sends his cat to Sclessin, and goes on a journey

Michel Preud’homme has been a first fire to extinguish at Standard. The new coach made a Monday meet with his left, but Junior Edmilson was there at the appointments. He was at the time of the press conference at Standard… in Zaventem. That he shared eagerly in the social media. It seems that Edmilson a transfer to force, it is in the interest of PSV, Porto and Fiorentina.

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“He has an extra week of leave requested, but that was him by the board denied,” said Preud’homme. “We will have to arrange when he is back. I spoke to Junior a few weeks back by phone and I told him I was on him own. He saw it sitting still at Standard. It is our job to make the players to make it clear that they would be a good time to wait in line to leave. I remember that in Bruges was difficult to Izquierdo to keep after the obtaining of the title. But we could convince him and he won the Golden Shoe and could in optimal circumstances depart.”

Preud’homme in the footsteps of Ricardo Sa Pinto, who with bekerwinst and a second place in the championship did well. “I have players with that performance, congratulations, but I have them also asked for the coming season from the beginning to perform, instead of starting in march.”

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