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Preud’homme starts his last command: “Everywhere I worked, I did more than just coaching”

c29a348f800564fd85a99c25446d96f2 - Preud'homme starts his last command: “Everywhere I worked, I did more than just coaching”

Michel Preud’homme has Tuesday at Sclessin as the new head coach of Standard Liege are technical staff proposed. “Emilio Ferrera is next to me, the T1 and also assistant Eric Deflandre will have an important task in the soccer technical preparation of the team.” Standard is for Preud homme, the last job as a trainer. “When I’m 63 I’m, is the time to trainersbank to leave.”

With Ferrera and Deflandere has Preud’homme two assistants who he knows well. “In addition, we work with the physical coach Renaat Philipaerts, coach Jan Van Steenberghe, videoanalist Patrick Asselman and mental coach Rudy Heylen. In football today, it is very important to work with specialists to work. I also wanted to work with people that I already know. I know that they are skilled and loyal. Asselman is the only one with whom I have not previously worked with, but Emilio has him warmly recommended.”

Michel Preud’homme underlined the importance of the role of Olivier Renard. “He now has a different title (head of scouting instead of athletic director), but I’m counting heavily on him. He has been of great value in attracting new forces several times already, proven. He is one of my direct points of contact at the club.”

Preud’homme is not only head coach but also as technical director and vice-president. “Everywhere I worked, I did more than just coaching, but now it is also officially. That made this job for me really interesting. In addition, should I exercise at the club where for me it all began. The contacts with chairman Bruno Venanzi were also excellent. He said to me, ‘I know where I want to go, but I need you to get there’.”

For Preud homme, which for four years drew, it is the last command as a trainer. “I will be 63 when my contract expires. Then it is time for the trainersbank to leave. As for Eric Gerets will coach be so, not for this life.”

Emilio Ferrera previously worked in a similar formula with Preud’homme, together with Al Shabab. “And I didn’t hesitate when Preud’homme asked me to when Standard to get started. All other offers I have next to me laid down.”

Standard must be 1,000 euro fine for supportersincidenten against Genk

The board of the Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association) Standard Liege on Tuesday a fine of £ 1,500 imposed, of which 500 euros effectively, after supporters in the ” home against KRC Genk (5-0) at the beginning of may pyrotechnic material were used.

The Rouches were persecuted on the basis of the report of Nico De Pauw. The match delegate noted that the contest later launched than planned, because the red curtains of Standard sight impeded. Legal director Pierre Locht noticed at the hearing of the disputes committee on the 5 June visit that also Genk supporters Bengali fire afstaken. “But that had no effect on the normal progress of the competition. The red smoke of the Standard-supporters made sure that the wedstrijdbegin postponed, the consequences for the conduct of the party are undeniable fact,” said the complaints board.

The Bondsparket progressed a penalty of 1,500 euros. Locht early a part of the claim is delayed. Standard had, after all, all the precautions that were necessary, argued Locht. The match delegate joined him in his report. The Dispute could find themselves in that plea and knew 500 euro with delay. Standard still needs $ 1,000 to pay.

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