Pictures crying children at border U.S. surfaced

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Washington – On the internet are harrowing audio recordings surfaced of children crying to their parents shouting at the Mexican border in Texas. The children are separated from their fathers and mothers by the policies of the American president Donald Trump.

The recordings are on YouTube, posted by the nonprofit organization ProPublica, and are secretly made in a building of the American customs. The children were between 4 and 10 years old and are from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. To hear how the little ones to their family continue to ask. So ask a girl that her parents lost is: “Should I then maybe to my aunt? Then they told me to take him home.”

The past few weeks, there would been at least 2000 children, of their parents are divorced. Pictures this week showed, was to see how the children in cages were locked.

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Trump is currently under fire because of the conditions surrounding his immigration policy. The Dutch government is planning the American government to speak that children of asylum seekers and illegal migrants in the U.S. are separated from their parents.

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Even his own wife, first lady Melania Trump, has spoken out against the policy. She finds it terrible that the children of their parents are separated at the border. According to her spokeswoman, she finds also that “the American government, the heart must speak.”

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