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Panama believes in: ‘Just win against England

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Our colleague in Panama, Davy Geens, referred to the atmosphere after the lost match against Belgium. The loss has the hopes of a good world cup is not yet quashed. ‘If we have twice score against England is good”, sounds it in there.

‘It also had 7-1 may have been’, had the coach of Panama, Hernan Gomez, maya. The Panamanians have worthily maintained against the Belgians, and they are happy that the “only” 3-0.

The match was indeed not as smoothly as hoped. Dries Mertens gave for the cameras that it is difficult went. ‘You have that with the start of the world cup. The build-up to it is a very long time, and then, finally, that competition there and everyone has such high expectations, ” says Mertens. Also De Bruyne noted that it could be better. ‘Defensively, we have occasionally made a mistake. They also had yet to score. But ultimately the most important thing that we have won.’

In Panama, they are so proud of their team, especially in the first half of the match was well-played football. “They believe in, but realize that they are one of the weakest teams at the world cup,” says Geens. “They enjoy the group stage, the world cup is currently an important state. There is a sort of national pride, while football not even the most popular sport in Panama. Baseball is much more popular.’

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