Oldest orangutan ‘Puan’ death

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Puan, Indonesian for ‘lady’, is at the age of 62 died in the zoo of Perth. That made the zoo famous.

Puan died Monday, and has great significance for the colony in the zoo of Perth and the survival of its species, according to Holly Thompson, head of the department of primates. Puan was in 1956 born. The vrouwtjesdier was in 1968 by Malaysia in the zoo of Perth donated.

Puan got eleven boy and has 54 descendants all over the world, including in the USA, Europe, Australia, and the jungle in Sumatra. Her genes are spread over a little less than 10 percent of the global zoopopulatie. Her youngest great-grandson Nyaru is the last re in the nature was turned off. In the wild, females rarely older than 50 years.

Puan had, according to Thompson, an independent personality and kept like away. “If she was dissatisfied, stamped them with the foot.’ Two of her daughters, four grandchildren and one great-grandson, still living in the zoo of Perth.

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