Nudists welcome to Milkshake

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The popular festival Milkshake, that at the end of July in Amsterdam takes place, this year a ’nude area’ where people are only naked to be able to ultimate to feel free. This site has a special private entrance and upon entering, all of his clothes off.

Who in this area wants to, can make use of additional lockers at the entrance. On the site, visitors can inter alia participate in naked yoga, boccia, twister, badminton, volleyball, lace, punniken and bodypaint. Also, the nudists with binoculars peeking at the people dressed on site.

The nudists are if they want to also welcome to be naked all over the site to walk as past editions was the case. The festival was the past two years by several naturist organizations visited. “We find it every year, great to our guests is positive to excite, and a new experience in which people can develop themselves. But we also find it important to give attention to a minority group,” says organiser Marieke Samallo.

Milkshake is since the fifth edition in 2016 has grown to become a two-day festival. The dance festival is developed from the mindset of ’nothing must, everything may’. It shows that entertainment, music, choice and status, nothing to do with sexuality. During Milkshake, there is an atmosphere that is free from the society-created narrow-mindedness. Life is just a party thanks to the great diversity of skin colors, sexual preferences, and a variety of forms.

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