New Ghent festival Videodroom combines music and film

46c189a96e2414640f7088e5c18a959c - New Ghent festival Videodroom combines music and film

In Ghent launch Kunstencentrum Vooruit and Film Fest Gent soon Videodroom, an event that is even with the Ghent film festival, but describes as a “unique cross-overuniversum of film and music”. Visitors live music, unique improvisations and radical deconstructies of well-known movie themes that on-the-spot in all sorts of ways merge with image projections. The first is for the former Sonic Youth frontman Thurston Moore.

Moore will open the festival with his new score for four short films of experimental filmmaker Maya Deren. The one-off festival also invites the London rapper GAIKA, which is a remix of the music of Akira, the anime cult classic film of Japanese director Katsuhiro Otomo. The Ghent audiovisual elektronicacollectief Raveyards makes for a spectacle inspired by horror movies. And composer Kevin Toma brings to live his new score for James Whales’ Frankenstein, a composition on piano and synthesizer in combination with modest samples and soundscapes.

The creations on Videodroom are unique and only to behold during the festival, that within the confines of Film Fest Gent takes place. In addition to the international filmcompetitie, the many avant-premieres and a lot of events, a lot of attention to film music, with as highlight the presentation of the World Soundtrack Awards. Together with wants to move Forward and Film Fest Gent continue that trend in Videodroom.

The ten-day cross-overuniversum Videodroom will start on 10 October and lasts until 19 October.

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