More than 2 million tv-viewers-on-one for Belgium-Panama

3242c9cbe401da8d75ed22d072b6b8f4 - More than 2 million tv-viewers-on-one for Belgium-Panama

The opening match of the Red Devils at the world cup in Russia vs Panama (3-0) yesterday at one by an average of 2.068.476 tv viewers followed. The peak fell to the wedstrijdeinde and knew 2.379.304 viewers riveted. Reports that the public broadcaster today.

This figure includes the tv viewers at home who live or slightly delayed and it looked clarified spokesman Hans Van Goethem. About the football fans who on numerous places on large screens the match followed, there are no data available.

The world cup-opener of the men of Roberto Martinez was good for a market share of 85,8 percent. Very nice numbers given the early show, says the VRT.

It is one of the best-viewed world cup match of the Red Devils. The 1/8th finals four years ago in Brazil against the United States with 2.366.565 tv viewers (market share of 85,4 percent) of the list, to plead, for South Korea – Belgium (2.253.329 viewers) in the group stage in Brazil.

As well as the european CHAMPIONSHIP competitions are taken into account, is the EK-groepsduel against Sweden (22 June 2016) the best-viewed contest of Belgium with 2.407.529 viewers (market share 83,1). Belgium-Panama of yesterday is ninth in the top 10, but with the highest market share.

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