Michael B. Jordan surprised by MTV film award

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Michael B. Jordan has at the MTV Movie & TV Awards the award for ’Best Villain’ won, a recognition which he was surprised. This allowed the Black Panther-actor know in his acceptance speech. “I’m in shock, I thought that this price is guaranteed to Roseanne Barr would go,” said Michael, who referred to the recent racist statements of Barr on Twitter.

The presenter of the MTV Movie & Film Awards was comedian Tiffany Haddish, who showed know also occasionally a nasty collision to have had with Barr. “Long before this whole Twitter incident, I had a friend who’s in the same area lived as Roseanne. I found her crazy, so when the next day we passed her house walked in the garden, I said her hello. She pulled a dirty face and ran her home in. This happened a few more times, until my white friend her hello said. When there was suddenly a ’hello’ from. I thought: f*ck that bitch. This was I think in 2000, so the woman is always a racist. I don’t why she even has a television show has gotten.”

Michael played the ’bad guy’ Erik Killmonger in the blockbuster from Marvel, opposite Chadwick Boseman, an award for ’Best Hero’ won.

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