Merkel agrees with Macron separate budget

bd7ed46b7fe727bb9e956c32a676a85b - Merkel agrees with Macron separate budget

The German chancellor Angela Merkel and French president Emmanuel Macron on a press conference a number of joint positions, to for pushed. They want the euro area by 2021 equip it with a separate budget and would like to work together to facilitate the migration to Europe to stop.

The leaders spoke to each other on a bilateral summit in the Castle Meseberg, north of Berlin. Macron argued already for a separate budget for the eurozonde, but at the insistence of Merkel and the instrument will in the first place meant to the investments in the nineteen eurozone countries to raise their economic policies more in line with one another.

Since the summer of 2017 calls Macron for a eurozonebegroting of ‘several percent’ of the Eu’s gdp, accounting for hundreds of billions of euros. Merkel sees such a large budget is not because they fear for a transferunie, with the least competitive eurozone countries no incentives would have to be an orthodox policy and the German taxpayer, the dupe would be.

But now agree they are so still in with a separate budget that the level of investment in the euro area should boost. How that budget should be funded, and how large it should be, said Merkel and Macron not during their joint press conference. That details, they leave it to their competent ministers of Finance. Macron also pointed out that the other seventeen member states of the eurozone with the proposal to agree.

Merkel and Macron also wish that the rescue fund ESM (European stability mechanism) is expanded to the euro to protect against future financial shocks. This is the start of the second part of the life of our common currency, ” said Macron.


Macron and Merkel remain behind a European approach to migration issues. They want more solidarity between the different EU-countries and will work the influx of refugees reducing. That will happen through the spread of refugees across different countries, but also through investments in the countries of origin. Frontex, the European border guard, is enhanced.

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