Marine Le Pen must be small 3 ton to refund

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LUXEMBOURG – Marine Le Pen, figurehead of the French National Front, 298.497 euro refund to the European Parliament because they are between 2010 and 2016, a member of her party, erroneously, that EU money has paid for. The general Court of the European Union has determined.

Marine Le Pen

The parliament had the money recovered after an investigation of the European antifraudedienst OLAF. The former presidential candidate (49) was then to the court in Luxembourg stepped. They could, according to the judges, however, do not demonstrate that the assistant really work for her did in the parliament. That that there really there would have been insufficient. Furthermore, Le Pen is not proven that the employee lived in Brussels.

Le Pen had claimed that the accusation is politically motivated. The judges rejected the claim that the parliament her party discriminates. There are still at play, a series of similar issues. The parliament had been already a part of Le Pin salary and allowances withheld. She is since last year not a Member of the european parliament.

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