Macron and Merkel together on EU reform

18ebf063bae267e2e8179a21873f8fb3 - Macron and Merkel together on EU reform

MESEBERG – The French president Emmanuel Macron and German chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday in a slot at Berlin in conclave on the future of Europe. In castle Meseberg they speak about reforms in the eurozone and the economy, the strengthening of European foreign policy and defence, to discuss a joint European asylum policy and more scientific research.

Macron calls since last year on the “a new foundation for a united and democratic Europe.” The christian and social democrats that Germany, after an unprecedented difficult formation now three months rule, are open to his plans.

Intensive negotiations

According to German media, the governments of Macron and Merkel each other all on one of the most difficult points, the eurozone, near. The Finance ministers, Bruno Le Maire, and Olaf Schulz, “intensive negotiations on this subject in the past few days”, according to German media.

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