Live Marthe and Victor together?

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It is now about 2 years ago that the news was leaked that Marthe De Pillecyn and Viktor Verhulst, a couple is formed. Previously, Viktor together with Aurélie Hendrickx, one of the candidates of Miss Belgium 2015. Around that period was also Marthe De Pillecyn single, she was previously 4 years together with a friend they already at school knew. In the spring of 2016 became known that Marthe and Viktor, a couple were. First there was secretive about that relationship, but Marthe and Viktor could their love for each other no longer keep hidden. Not that Marthe and Viktor to give somewhere along popping up. Together to public parties they will rarely, or never, often are the two lovebirds even long time not seen in public. Or they post for months, no photos as a couple on their social media. Last year was last there by the way that was written that Marthe and Viktor are no longer a couple. That rumor was by Viktor contradicted during an episode of Gert Late Night. And think today All of to know more. The magazine wondered whether Marthe and Viktor live under one roof and so you may also sleep together. Modest and Vermeersch, the cats of Marthe and Victor each have their own page on Instagram. It was All that the photos in the same interior were taken. Live Marthe and Victor together? ”Aha, that’s the big question, of course,” said Marthe in a weekly magazine. But many more words the singer is there not to vuilmaken. Talk about the sweethearts, the girls from K3, not so often. Not that it is taboo but they are on their guard as they are about to talk to the press. “If one is not at home, the other photos, and that we send to each other by at the Instagram accounts to convert”, says Marthe, in Day All. From which fact we may conclude that Marthe and Viktor live under one roof and perhaps also in the same bed to sleep. And there is of course nothing wrong with that, on the contrary even. But then why be mysterious about it? In the Netherlands, would the press go to find out where Marthe and Viktor live, in that respect is the Belgian press is more reluctant.

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