Last year 16 million people displaced

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GENEVA – By wars, violence and persecution, last year, 16.2 million people displaced. That is a report of the refugee organisation UNHCR, the United Nations, that Tuesday has been released.

Syrian refugees in Turkey.

The total number of people worldwide on the flight, it was by the end of 2017 68.5 million. According to UNHCR is that for the fifth year in a row, a record number, mostly caused by the conflicts in Congo, South Sudan and Myanmar.

Turkey captures most of the refugees on

Of the 68.5 million refugees and asylum seekers, there were 40 million at the end of 2017 displaced in their own country and more than 25 million sought their salvation elsewhere. Even more than 3 million people waited an asylum application. Turkey captures according to the UNHCR most of the refugees, namely 3.5 million. Plotted against the number of inhabitants per country Lebanon as the country that takes most refugees.

Despite the fact that the number of displaced persons continues to grow, the High Commissioner for the Refugees hope. According to Filippo Grandi, the international community is at a turning point and there by countries working on a way to more vigorously to act during refugee crises.

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