Karen Damen will return to the shelves

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Two years ago, strict they a theaterrol in ‘Blind Date’ with Kürt Rogiers. The beginning of 2019, she is again on the shelves, in the performance of her good friend James Cooke.

Damen has a role in ‘Council 2 – The Gifmoord’. Again on the side of Kürt Rogiers, but also Francesca Vanthielen, Frans Maas, Johny Voners and Karin Jacobs play. Previously, Cooke with his theatre, Except all of a ‘Council’, where the audience as a jury may judge about guilt or innocence. That piece struck at, therefore, on January 17, a vervolgstuk in premiere. In ‘The Gifmoord’ is the well-known soapactrice Viviane Mertens found dead. At first sight, a natural death, but after thorough research it appears there is more going on. The character of Damen is called as a witness. Acting is one of the passions of the ex-Q3 ” sheet. She tells in All not a second’s doubt when Cooke asked her. “It’s me last time so well”, sounds. The two had already worked several times together for FOUR. “In september, there is this time no new tv-programme of us planned, so I am very happy that we have found a way to again work together,” says Cooke on the magazine. Tickets and info through the

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