Johan Derksen does away with dj Jean

42ab755950aa1d5329e8eef124fee5d2 - Johan Derksen does away with dj Jean

It was to be expected that Johan Derksen in VI Orange Stays at Home what would say about his fight with dj Jean. And this he did, entirely on their own way.

So I went Derksen first note that the dj made about his sex life. Jean had said that the analyst probably don’t even know when he last had sex. Johan let then know: “The sad thing of this case is that he is probably my wife called when we the last rocker.”

Also found Derksen necessary of all the movies that Jean made in order to get to him. “Substantively, I find it fine what he calls and I have a lot of respect for him that he is in between all of that fuck by that kind of movies can make.” The dj claims in his biography with thousands of women to have sex.

Jean had to News to know that he has the reactions of Derksen or mild found. “He has his say, I’ve had my say and I find it actually quite sporty he is now a little rest.

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