Jochem Myjer is Early Birds present

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Jochem Myjer creeps on Sunday, June 24 behind the microphone of the radio program vroege vogels (Early Birds. Then he presents together with Menno Bentveld. the 40-year anniversary of the nature channel one day on NPO Radio 1.

Jochem Myjer

Myjer, who studied biology, dreamed already of the present, of Early Birds. He is not only comedian, a great bird lover. In the jubileumuitzending will especially looks to the future. As will be Jochem under more interviews on migratory birds, waders and sustainability in sport fishing.

Special guest is actress Lies Visschedijk. She’s going as a reporter out to do a topic on insects. Further, there is attention for the pied flycatcher, climate change and the arrival of the goudjakhals to the Netherlands. Freek Vonk and Dolf Jansen read a column.

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