Jay-Z will become top executives at Puma

e8c6d898184ec0f31b2df3094d86a16b - Jay-Z will become top executives at Puma

Jay-Z has a high function within Puma. The rapper is as a creative director, among others, deal with the marketing of the sportkledingbedrijf.

Jay-Z will concentrate on the basketbalmarkt, know the American sports channel ESPN. One of his tasks is spotting emerging talent that Puma can bows for advertising campaigns. Also, the rapper and entrepreneur is interfering with new products for basketball players.

The basketbalwereldje is Jay-Z not unknown. He put in 2013 his own sportagentschap Roc Nation Sports, which he several athletes to assist. Before he and Roc Nation Sports, founded Jay-Z is a shareholder of the basketballteam and the Brooklyn Nets.

Puma and Jay-Z have been working for more than a year together. During the 4:44 Tour, which the rapper from October to december by the United States and Canada drew, wore Jay only clothing from Puma.

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