Janice: “The whole room stank by us to the camels’

6e4a149dda17a0e8eee4ad5dca2e8fc6 - Janice: "The whole room stank by us to the camels'

The chance is small that Janice again by camel to a movie premiere. The fashion designer left in 2010 with a camel to Tuschinski drive for the premiere of Sex and the City 2, but that was one of the gênantste moments of his life.

“Camels meuren as a malle, we knew a lot!”, looks Janice back in Dutch tv-guide Veronica. The fashion designer and his then-TMF-colleague Veronica of beautiful high valleys were not know, but in the cinema began the misery really. “I smoke to Veronica, and she to me and we discovered that the smell in our clothes was drawn. We were in a dent, but it was so disgusting. The whole room reeked of camels by us.”

Janice found the incident funny, but was embarrassed also. “Although we have the film have been waiting for, are we on the move. It couldn’t really.” Was at home; the misery is not over yet. “I am in the shower. The smell in my clothes was so stubborn that I the whole lot got thrown away.”

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