Jamai Loman should soon have a kidney transplant undergone

Singer Jamai Loman should in the short term, a kidney transplant surgery.

That he told Tuesday on NPO Radio 2 in the program of Ruud de Wild.

“My kidneys don’t work so well any more,” said the 31-year-old Loman. “That means that I will soon start dialysis. Eventually I go the route of a kidney transplant.”

The singer discovered the problems after a visit to the doctor. “I held a bit of moisture. People told me: ‘you’ve got a thick head.’ But that went very quickly. My kidneys were so bad that I immediately had to go to the hospital.”

The singer taking drugs now and has the pictures to say that in the planning were for a travel program. “It is now a matter of as soon as possible a donor was found. That process takes a number of months. There must, of course, a perfect match.”


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