Jamai has a new kidney is needed

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Jamai Loman has severe kidney problems and require dialysis. In the radio show of Ruud de Wild on NPO Radio 2, telling the singer that a kidney transplant is inevitable.

Jamai Loman

Jamai found out that he was so ill, because he very much moisture is held. The singer got more and more frequent to hear that he has a ’thick head’, which he decided to go to the doctor. Quickly turned the wrong quantity. “My kidneys don’t work so well any more and that sucks. I will start soon on dialysis and go on a journey for a kidney transplant.”

It’s only ten days ago that he heard that there is hurry in finding the new kidney. According to the singer, the waiting lists are very long and can take up to three to four years before a perfect match is found. For now, Jamai in any case, no pain. “I function just fine. I feel a little odd, but that’s because of the drugs. I think it really sucks, but I am also positive because I want to as quickly as possible to be better.”

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