For this reason, plays Sandra Bullock no sex scenes

In the course of the years, most actresses do once out of their clothes for a film, and they are to be seen in a seksscéne. Sandra Bullock, however, is never in a piquant scene filmed and there, she has a special reason for…

Sandra Bullock

The actress has been around since the beginning of her career in her contract the contract that they have no sex scenes plays. “I just don’t want to know how I eruitzie in bed,” explains Bullock to Bang Showbiz.

“I’m not someone who thinks: ‘oh, maybe I should consider a sekstape, because I’m going to look good!’ No, I don’t want to know what the best way is. I don’t want to see, I don’t want to hear. Therefore I will also never do on a film set.”

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