Family provides most blood-curdling Friday of the year

764b844815a2293c3c53b50fe4e94f84 - Family provides most blood-curdling Friday of the year

These are the biggest storylines for the season finale of Family.

Storyline 1: How far to go Emma and Guido in the battle for their daughters?

Guido and Emma a few weeks ago come to know that their daughter Mila was not their biological daughter. It was shortly after the birth in the hospital changed. Guido and Emma urged their biological daughter, and found that: Milou. Milou’s father Luke is actually the biological father of Mila. He had a good click with Mila and wants to be closer to his daughter. But Emma wants at all costs the girls keep everyone together and themselves take care of them. While Guido his old life with Mila mist. How far is Emma in her fight for the girls? And explains to Lucas simply accept that?

Storyline 2: Restores Hanne the heavy collision?
Stan can’t verkroppen that Evy has dumped to a new relationship with Martin. He tried already to take revenge by Evy to drive, but it did, and reed accidentally Hanne. She is afraid that they are permanent injuries, and her job as a fashion designer will not be able to exercise. How does Hannes condition?

Storyline 3: Take Stan still revenge?
Stan has learned that Evy with Maarten for a longer time to India to travel. After the collision of Hanne he disappears without a trace from the scene. His car is found along the channel, is empty. What is it with Stan? Has he himself of life robbed? Or he wants his wraakplan still run? Walk Evy and Maarten danger? Evy gets in the season finale, a mysterious phone call and goes straight to her purpose.

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