Ex-coach of Roda JC knows nothing of resignation

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BUDAPEST – According to some Hungarian media is former Roda JC coach Georges Leekens on the point of his dismissal as coach of Hungary after disappointing results. Leekens know, however, is still of nothing.

George Leekens

’I have nothing heard” said the ex-coach of the Red Devils against The Newspaper. ’I prepared myself for the friendly matches in september. My chairman is vice-president of FIFA, and who is currently in Moscow for the world CHAMPIONSHIPS. There are no meetings scheduled. I just work.”

Leekens was on november 15, 2017 appointed as coach of Hungary. The country could not for the world cup, while a year earlier the eighth-finals of the european CHAMPIONSHIPS took (which it lost to Belgium). Previously, it was Leekens coach of Algeria, Tunisia and Belgium.

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