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Everything is Green: Ethereum, Ripple, VeChain and Verge on the upswing

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The crypto market has lost since last Saturday within just a few days, more than $ 60 billion in market capitalization. Since yesterday, however, there is a short rally, in the case of Ethereum, Ripple, VeChain and Verge, as well as other Altcoins have been able to benefit.

The roller-coaster ride of the last few days goes on, this time with a short-term upswing. In just 24 hours, nearly $ 12 billion flowed into the market, so almost all crypto-currencies are showing a positive development. The market capitalization rose from just under 274 billion to $ 286 billion dollars at the time of writing.

Ethereum recorded a slight Plus of + 4,29 percent within the last 24h, to a new price of 517,91 dollars per Coin. With a market capitalization of just under 51.8 billion dollars Ethereum currencies continue to place 2 of the biggest Crypto.

Directly followed by a Ripple with a market capitalization of 21 billion dollars, shows the XRP is a small upward trend with a gain of + 2.69 percent at a price of 0.53 dollars per XRP.

The rate of VeChain rising + 5.76% on a price of 3.20 dollars. With a market capitalization of almost $ 1.7 billion VeChain slips to 17th place in the largest crypto-currencies, behind NEM.

Verge has also seen a price increase with + 4,93 percent to a rate of 0,028 dollars per Coin. With a market capitalization of 432 million dollars Verge of 33 of the largest crypto currencies in the world.

Even if this little boom could only be short-term, there are many prominent voices that speak for an early rate rise and capital inflow of the crypto market.

Kyle Samani, Managing Partner at Multicoin Capital, is bullish after the merger with Coinbase to its products, which are especially suitable for institutional investors, to the market. He argues that the last great barrier is the secure storage of large amounts of crypto-currencies, however, this Problem is solved very soon (freely translated):

There are a lot of investors, in which the safekeeping represents the last barrier. In the course of the next year, the market will recognize that storage is a solved Problem. This will put a large shaft.

Yesterday, we reported that eToro, introducing one of the world’s largest investment platforms, OTC, “Over-the-Counter trading Desk”. This area has been specially designed for institutional investors set up to allow the entry into the crypto market without major obstacles.

This Trend is linked to a never-ending development of other companies in the crypto market. Coinbase, JPMorgen, Goldman Sachs, and other Institutions to make arrangements to larger capital-to-manage quantities. Recently, increased Coinbase, the limit for Investments in the Index Fund up to $ 20 million.

While these are no guarantees that the crypto market will rise, however, to interpret this evidence then, that soon new fresh capital is to be tile in the market. The next time will show in which direction the market is developed.

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