EU considering migrantencentra outside the union

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BRUSSELS – The European Union is going to work with the idea to migrants at sea are saved to centres outside the EU. On this so-called “ontschepingsplatforms” should, in cooperation with the UN economic migrants and refugees in need of protection, quickly tell them apart.


The effect of this “concept” can count on the support of the EU heads of state and government, is evident from the draft conclusions of the summit of EU leaders next week in Brussels. There is still a lot of consultation going on, so the text may still change. Earlier, Tunisia and Albania mentioned as places for such camps. But it is still unclear whether these countries agree to do so.

A perilous journey

The measures must be migrants from the perilous trip to start. The EU heads of state and government are “determined” illegal migration, especially by people smugglers from Libya, to cut back further.

The traveling of asylum seekers in Europe brings the asylum system is seriously in danger, is also in the pieces. Member states should therefore “take all necessary measures and to cooperate closely” to end it. This call seems to be a response to the threat from the German profile) CSU to asylum seekers elsewhere in Europe are registered at the border to refuse if there is no European commitments.

Dublin regulation

The EU countries are in a stalemate on dealing with the migratievraagstuk, inter alia, about the fair distribution of asylum seekers among the member states. Also the revision of the dublin regulation, which stipulates that the first country of arrival, in principle, responsible for examining the asylum application, is at a dead end hit.

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