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ETH network continues to grow, more and more developers for Ethereum dApps

9f390ed1c992c533a385a2e805579433 - ETH network continues to grow, more and more developers for Ethereum dApps

The interest in applications for the Ethereum platform. According to estimates, hundreds of thousands of programmers deal with distributed Apps.

The bearish crypto market is not a stop, to remain optimistic for the future of distributed technologies. As more and more developers working on Ethereum dApps, so decentralized applications, based on Ethereum. The Ethereum block Chain is, without a doubt, currently the most active platform for dApps, and Smart Contracts. Since the launch of Ethereum in 2015, the interest in the technology has increased steadily, especially by the end of 2017, as the crypto-Economy had reached its climax. But just because the cryptocurrency market has since fallen again, this does not mean that the decentralized Ethereum platform had no future.

Soon over 2,000 Ethereum dApps available

According to the estimates of the Blockchain entrepreneurs from ConsenSys, the number of Developer, the members of the Ethereum-dApp Community is to locate in the area of 250,000. In October alone, in 2017, the programming platform Ethereum, Truffle, 200.000 has been downloaded Once, the total download count is almost 550.000.

MetaMask, a browser extension that users of dApps can be used to test has already found over a Million users. The page State-of-the dApps currently lists more than 1,600 decentralized Apps. Almost twice as many as in the beginning of 2017. In addition, consortia have been formed with the intent to strengthen the Community and expand. The Ethereum Enterprise Alliance (sea), founded in March 2017, has now over 500 members. Startups, large corporations and foundations, in order to establish the Blockchain technology in the company.

Estimates met with skepticism

In the crypto-Community, there are doubts as to whether there are really so many active Ethereum developers, such as ConsenSys claims. However, the fact is that the applications are on the increase and more and more big players and small, independent programmers are working on Ethereum dApps. Of the over 2,000 dApps, we have until the end of 2018, will create the most comfortable in the Mainstream, but this is not essential. It is important that the development is ongoing and continues to grow. As we know from so many examples in recent history, a Killer dApp to revolutionize an entire industry or to inspire the General population of a new technology.

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