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DEZOS revolutionized Lost & Found Management – by crypto technology!

ae2b7aa33cb5b14e4ccd8d70a96dcec3 - DEZOS revolutionized Lost & Found Management – by crypto technology!

Anyone who has lost something, ask yourself often how to find it again. Of course, a loss in the lost and found office or the police helps, but it is often time-consuming and takes a lot of time. At the same time people who find, for example, a Smartphone or a Netbook, quickly and easily-the owner can notice without a significant time and effort. DEZOS with its modern Ecosystem is a possibility, as the owner of products quickly and easily can be defined on a search in real-time can be found.

To DEZOS has developed a particular Ecosystem, which the ownership of the products defined in the world using Blockchain technology, and thus tamper-proof stored. A search function people can find anywhere in the world, e.g., via an App on the basis of an identifier that who is the owner of a product.

How does the Lost & Found Management of DEZOS?

At the time of purchase of a smartphone, this is supposed to be by the seller with the DEZOS user account of the owner associated with it. This is usually done by associating the serial number with the profile of the owner. Thus, it can be determined by entering the serial number in the world in real time, to whom the Smartphone belongs to.

The use of the DEZOS search worldwide, free of charge. This has the great advantage that even people who are not registered with DEZOS, can look at a found Smartphone, who the rightful owner is. Someone should find that his Smartphone was lost or even stolen, he can draw it in DEZOS as such. An object that is registered here can be selected, for example, as OWNER, LOST, STOLEN, or RENTED. At the same time, it is possible that a reward can be defined in the Form of the DEZOS crypto-currency. Thus, you can look forward to the honest Finder of the phone over a reward.

The entire Lost & Found process is uncomplicated and very fast. Through the use of the Blockchain technology, the data will be safely stored and the owner can be clearly identified.

What are the security features DEZOS the private sale of items?

A further advantage of the DEZOS Ecosystems is that items can be stolen tagged in. Who used so want to buy a Smartphone, you can find it by entering the serial number in DEZOS, if this was stolen, or whether it is by the rightful owners will be sold, which is of course of advantage and for appropriate collateral. At the same time, the owner may change the ownership or a successful sale to the new owner transferred.

Basically, the Blockchain technology is becoming more common for the Deposit of sensitive data. Also in the field of medicine Blockchain technology is used now frequently, in order to protect the data against access by unauthorised persons. In practice, many firms realize only now, how important is the Blockchain technology and how this technology can ensure that data can be sustainably protected and not easily changed.

The magazine computer weekly reported in a current Blockchain article also about how high the safety standards in a Blockchain, and what are the benefits as a result. In principle, the Potential of the technology is not exhausted for a long time and many ideas are being implemented.

A great advantage of DEZOS is that without problems via API to interface with authorities and insurance companies is possible. Appropriate collaborations are already initiated and could also provide for a small Revolution.

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