Death shooting in Malmö, runs on to three

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MALMÖ – The death toll as a result of the shooting in the Swedish city of Malmö on Monday night has risen to three. That writes the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet .

An unknown shooter opened Monday night in the centre of Malmö fire on a group of people near a cafe. This fell six wounded. They are all to a hospital, where three of them succumbed to their injuries.

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Probably a quarrel between criminals

The victims are men of eighteen, nineteen and 29 years. The perpetrator shot from a car at people for an internet cafe were. Multiple victims were acquaintances of the police. The police suspect that a dispute between criminals and still no one can persist.

Witnesses told at least fifteen shots to have heard, possibly coming from an automatic rifle. There were around the time that the offender struck a lot of people on the streets that the world cup victory of Sweden in South Korea (1-0) in Russia celebrated.

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