Dead and wounded by shooting in Malmö

8e3817f0b9d1865a5bef8fc86240a222 - Dead and wounded by shooting in Malmö

MALMÖ – An unknown gunman has Monday night in the centre of Malmö, the fire opened on a group of people near a cafe. The local police said that five men were hit by bullets. They are all to a hospital, where one of them of his injuries died.

Witnesses told at least fifteen shots to have counted, may be from an automatic rifle.

The police saw no reason for great alarm. Later on, they know that there is no evidence for a terrorist act. “It is probably something between criminals,” said spokesman Fredrik Bratt. There are still no arrests made.

Multiple ambulances are at the spot of the shooting sent. The perpetrator is allegedly still on the run. There were around the time of the shooting, many people on the streets that the world cup victory of Sweden in South Korea (1-0) in Russia celebrated.

The police have the area around the site of the shooting ended.

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