Danny Diego makes for fireworks in Flanders

fb9894568bd802cc47ab20397bd6cd8a - Danny Diego makes for fireworks in Flanders

At the beginning of this year, the Dutch singer Danny Diëgo appeared in Flanders with the upbeat “So dreams come true”. Immediately closed female Flanders, Danny, one of the Netherlands ‘ most photographed men in the arms. In the run up to the summer this Dutch artist, now with the excellent ” Fireworks”, a song which even the darkest clouds just disappear.

For the accompanying clip, which also has a very high feel good factor, pulled Danny to Lithuania. The result is starting next week already. “There is the past few months, so much on my path to come in Flanders”, says Danny. “I was asked to, together with the Dutch singer/accordionist Johan Veugelers and the Flemish ambiancemaker Sammy Moore in the project ‘t the Nicest Caféfeest” steps, where meezingfeest, which we have with us the three of us from september in the Netherlands and Flanders tour. Coincidentally, this week also the new clip of Lindsay suits. Therein, I play a waiter, with a lot of attention to feminine charms. Very nice to do. I knew Lindsay, of course, of her music, but the collaboration was delicious. What a fine and professional woman she is!”

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