CELEBRITIES are committed to education in Indonesia

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Actresses Georgina Verbaan, Isa Hoes, singer, Pete Philly, Chef’Special and dj Eva Koreman committed Tuesday free of charge for elementary school students in Indonesia. They do that by on their social media special T-shirts for the good cause showing.

Georgina Verbaan

On the shirts is decorated with carved drawings of children from Indonesia. With the revenue from the sale builds the foundation to Face This new school in Flores, Lombok and West Java.

The well-known Dutch people to ask attention for the launch Tuesday of the new collection of the foundation from Rotterdam, who is now ten years old. Joshua Nolet Chef’Special, for instance, says: “Love for the Face This Foundation, their effort for the kids in Indonesia and the education that they deserve. Keep fighting! Dear people, buy these dope T-shirts. Money well spent!”

The international designers that are the children’s drawings to the process have earned their spurs. They are well known from Nike, Converse, Apple and The New York Times. Also worked streetartkunstenaars Ricardo Cavolo and Penfold to this edition.

Face This build with the proceeds not only buildings. Several collections have also contributed to the design of schoolyards, libraries and the supply of teaching materials.

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