Casanova: if any man among 162 women in prison

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Barcelona – It is not for everyone, but Iñaki Urdangarin, the brother-in-law of the Spanish king, Felipe VI, if his own prison choose. He chose one where he is the only male inmate is between 162 women.

The brother-in-law of the Spanish king leaves disillusioned, the court after his conviction.

Not only the love for women is remarkable. The sports fan, chose to stay in the prison of Brieva at Ávila – hundred kilometres from Madrid – where few sports are.

Old-handbalspeler Urdangarin flew Sunday evening from his residence in Geneva to Madrid, where he spent the night in a hotel. At eight o’clock in the morning he reported to the prison in Brieva. That has one mannenpaviljoen with five cells. Because the other four other cells are vacant, the husband of Infante Cristina of the kingdom for himself alone.

He can freely move in the pavilion and has a private patio and dining room. In addition, there is a bezoekkamer where he one time per week to his wife or children may receive. It is not known whether and when the Infanta Cristina and her children moving to Spain to be closer to Iñaki.


The last man in Brieva sat – Luis Roldan, head of the left-wing PSOE party involved in corruption, complained in 2005 about the cold in the cell, which he described as ‘a Siberian gulag’. That will not for Urdangarin apply, because there the last few years, partly due to his possible coming, one million euro is spent on the renewal of the heating.

The 50-year-old Urdangarin was last week, on appeal, sentenced to five years and ten months in prison for embezzlement of millions of euros, abuse of his royal contacts and tax fraud in the corruptiezaak Nóos.

Urdangarins ex-business partner Diego Torres, who for the same crimes, was sentenced early yesterday on the suspension of his prison sentence because he has a petition for clemency of the government, waiting outside the cell.

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