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Brave Browser pilot program for ads: 70% revenue share for participants

ed0e224c11b1766458361cda6d15e13c - Brave Browser pilot program for ads: 70% revenue share for participants

The Brave Browser starts a test phase in which users of the Open-Source web browser, up to 70% of the advertising can earn revenue in the Form of a BAT. You need to explain, however, willing to pass on this information to test the Ads and optimize.

Most of the German move almost 24 hours a day on the Internet. Surfing, order, communicate, like. The personalized advertising is already nothing new. However, the price of privacy is high, when you consider that Social Media platforms or other provider will pick-up the personal data for their own purposes.

For remedy, the company is Brave Software Inc wants. from San Francisco. Brave is an Open Source project and has been established in benefit of a Team of data protection, and performance-oriented pioneers of the Internet. Brave a Chrome-based Browser. This is supported by the operating systems Windows, OS X, and Linux, as well as suitable for Android and Apple iOS.

The company describes their Browser as follows (freely translated):

Brave is more than just a Browser, but a new way to think about how the Web works.

The company has just launched a test phase in which participating users with up to a 70% interest in the revenues of Advertising will be rewarded. The participants are given several times a day relevant Ads in the Brave Browser displayed, and must commit, however, to send data to the Brave, so the data collected can in future be used for further work and development.

Users should be able to choose which Ads you want to see and be accordingly rewarded. The advertisers, in turn, are rewarded for good content.

The designers of the browser will be able to control the attention of users and using this knowledge, the advertising publication to be transparent and understandable to and useful for the users to make advertisers. Thus, each party should benefit from the use of the browser.

The participants will receive their reward in the BAT-tokens, Basic Attention tokens. The project of the Basic Attention token has written on the Flag, to improve the efficiency of digital advertising clearly, the imbalance in the online advertising market.

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