Bill Cosby is an honorary lost

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Bill Cosby is once again an honorary doctorate lost. Also, Northwestern University has the honorary title of the sexual misconduct cases comedian withdrawn. It is the first time that the university is in the American state of Illinois awarded an honorary doctorate deletes.

“The university prohibits all forms of sexual misconduct”, let Northwestern know to various American media. Dozens of women accusing Cosby of sexual abuse. The comedian was in april found guilty of the drugging and abuse of Andrea Constant, one of the few things that are not yet statute-barred. This fall the octogenarian comedian to hear what punishment he gets. Which can be up to thirty years in prison.

Northwestern University, Cosby in 1997 an honorary doctorate gave, is not the first university that Cosby’s title withdraws. Among others, Ohio State, Johns Hopkins and Wesleyan University went for. Also Yale pulled Cosby’s honorary doctorate, a first at the prestigious university. Never previously decided Yale an honorary degree to delete.

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