Belgians get fined for displaying flag

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ANTWERP – The Belgian police are going to soccer / football fans fined for displaying their patriotism. Flags out of a car stabbing will not be tolerated, and even a flag on the façade can be an expensive joke.

This flag can, however, by the bracket.

The police warned on Facebook that the Belgians, for example, need to be careful with tricolore spiegelhoesjes. “If the signs hide, or the sight in the mirrors reduce, they can lead to a fine of 58 euro.”

Not only the spiegelhoesjes sit in the verdomhoekje. The police ’zevert’ on practically every form of vlagvertoon to the car. “Flags, the masts out of cars sticking or that number plates masking will not be tolerated.”

Meanwhile, warns tax expert Michel Maus, for flags with the embleempje of a beer brand on the facades of houses. In Flanders, it is a ” tax on uithang or billboards’. Flags with a beer, fall below it.

Therefore, this can not, but also flags on walls can be a expensive joke to be seen.

The mayors may occasionally be obliged to feel that burden to be lifted, says Maus, because the people that do pay taxes, can this go to complain.

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