Ariana Grande assigns the fan go on sweetheart

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The rapid engagement of Ariana Grande with comedian Pete Davidson has quite a few brows do frown, not in the last place of Ariana’s fans. The singer has a song on her new album to her fiance named and there gave a number of fans unsalted commented on.

On Twitter let a follower know: “Yes girl, we know now that you’re in love with, but you’re stupid.” Were reacting to the singer: “Nah.” Another fan posted a reply to this and said: “The interests you nothing huh?” Ariana made short shrift with the comment: “on the Contrary. The truth is that I have the of have and life is too short to be cryptic about something as beautiful as my fierce infatuation. Pete is it for me!”

Ariana’s new fiance put his love for her is not under chairs or sofas. Pete gave 80,000 euros on her engagement ring and left a rather regular tattoo of his ex-girlfriend, cover it with another tattoo.

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