Arbitrator of world cup final in 1978 between Argentina and the Netherlands died

The famous Italian ex-referee Sergio Gonella is Tuesday at age 85 died, so has the Italian scheidsrechtersbond via Twitter announced.

Gonella was the referee in the final match of the world championship of 1978 in Buenos Aires between Argentina and the Netherlands (3-1 after extra-time).

That race began with a delay because the Argentinians to leave on the field appeared, and then at Gonella protested against the plaster collar of Orange-midfielder René van de Kerkhof.

The netherlands threatened of the field to walk, in which Gonella, by way of compromise, to agree to a softer connection to the pulse of the Cemetery.

Gonella is one of only two arbitrators (the other being the Swiss Gottfried Dienst) to both a world cup final as a european CHAMPIONSHIP finals was in charge.

Gonella was in 2013 in the Hall of Fame of Italian football, which also included the Dutch players Marco van Basten and Ruud Gullit.

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