André Kuipers gives third show in Ziggo Dome

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The first two shows of André Kuipers in the Ziggo Dome on november 3 are already almost sold out. The astronaut paste there so a third live show on the same morning.

Andre Kuipers

In SpaceXperience – Into the Future LIVE takes Kuipers the audience on a journey in the future. “I want the audience to get acquainted with the emotions and the spectacle of a launch, and how the well is to be in the space,” says Kuipers. Last year he did this for the first time in the Ziggo Dome, and this time he adds the aspect of the future.

During his show gets Kuipers assistance of a talking robot. “In the space is already used a lot of robots. That ’robonauts’ to do work for people dull or dangerous.”

Tourism on the moon

André Kuipers leave in november to see what we are already doing in the space and what the future has in store. He wants to pay particular attention to the vulnerability of our planet with deforestation and global warming is under pressure. “I want to show you what the space is for our planet has to offer and expect that the space in the future can be used, for example, the extraction of raw materials.” Further tells the astronaut about future scenarios, such as tourism on the moon.

Also, he wavers not, that it is teeming with life in space, it is, according to him, it is just a matter of finding it. “There are now new telescopes that are light to be able to analyze, as I expect a lot from it.” How that life looks? “That can be anything, you have only been on earth to look, and you see so many different bizarre creatures, on land and under water.”

Willemijn Verkaik

Musical star Willemijn Verkaik performs during the show with the number, I laugh at Gravity, that they earlier in 2012 sang when the astronaut returned from his space trip. “I like to use music which for me personally means anything, and with the space to create,” says Kuipers. Last year came Trijntje Oosterhuis, to her music he listened to during his second launch.

The astronaut says it’s great to find such a large audience to act and “people from 8 to 88, from engineers to alfa’s, to get acquainted with our future in space.”

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