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Also Lokeren has already re-started, but Peter Maes wants to gain: “Which striker will come”

c90764b85170f2698e3be265fe20aad7 - Also Lokeren has already re-started, but Peter Maes wants to gain: “Which striker will come”

Sporting Lokeren has Tuesday on her jeugdterreinen the preparation for the new season started. Coach Peter Maes was immediately a more than two hour initial training. Tim Van Damme replaces provisional Erwin Lammens as keerperstrainer at the club. Lemmens is on the world cup with the Red Devils. This afternoon, a second training session at Daknam. The two newcomers, right rear Mickaël Tirpan and third goalkeeper Robin Mantle, and trained eagerly.

“The first training session is always something special”, explained Peter Maes. “Most of us have three weeks without football leader. I was expecting a hungry, playful core. The cups must be fresh after a short break and that is when everyone at the event. It is, moreover, not more of this time that you as a footballer at all can let go of. Certainly not over a period of several weeks. The physical however, tests have shown that the boys in their work have done so.”

Sporting Lokeren won last month his group in Play-Off 2. That line wants to the club next season, continue to follow it. “That Play-Off 2 was good,” continued Maes. “We have good football show and a lot of scored. That we must now also try to bring in the regular competition. We showed that we results, especially at home. That thuisreputatie must again be put down.”

There are as yet but two incoming transfers. But there will certainly not stay. “That is so. Many wonder where that striker, but that will come. A real finisher and a focus is definitely on the order,” decided Peter Maes.

Sporting Lokeren trains this week each twice, at 10.30 and 15.00. Sundays are the players free. The first practice is next week Tuesday at 19h30 in the field of Sporting Lochristi. Then follow on Saturday 29 June (to 19: 00 on Avanti Stekene, belgium) and Sunday 1 July at 16h00 on Zelzate) quickly the second and third practice duel.

Mickaël Tirpan: “New step forward in career”

The 24-year-old Mickaël Tirpan swapped at the end of may in Eupen for Sporting Lokeren. The rechterflankverdediger signed a contract for four seasons with the Waaslanders and trained dinsdagvoormiddag for the first time.

“It is right back in the rhythm come first veldtraining”, put Tirpan from the shore. “For me, it was already a while ago because I was at my old club Eupen at the end, almost no longer train or play. I am happy to back on a field. The first contacts with Peter Maes were very positive. For that reason, I’m here today in the shirt of Sporting Lokeren.”

“I hope the group as much as possible to be able to teach”, he continued Tirpan. “I know that under Peter Maes is still a lot of steps forward can convert in terms of my sporting career. I also had offers from other clubs, but after the conversation with Maes was my decision immediately. This project I want to be a success.”

Lokeren made the past year a strange season. The club fought a long time against the relegation and it was only in Play-Off 2 went really loose. “That is so,” said Tirpan. “I think the intention is that there is built on what performed was in PO2. Lokeren have preserved his identity as the coach certainly continues to work. I got married this summer which I am a different kind of holiday than it did, but I’m totally ready for this season. I’m 200 percent committed to succeed.”

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