Agony chicks filmed at Belgian kippenbedrijf

e2406f6e955cc0ad96882aba4c9fbdd7 - Agony chicks filmed at Belgian kippenbedrijf

BRUSSELS – From undercoverbeelden of animal rights organisation Animal Rights at poultry farms in Belgium it appears that they are not best placed with the animal welfare. Broiler chickens are transported in containers thrown, in which is arranged the legs or the wings break.

The images were made by the company ACTING in Nijlen, the largest pluimveeservicebedrijf of Belgium. The chickens were slaughtered at slaughterhouse Plukon in Maasmechelen, that meat supplies to supermarket chains like Aldi, Lidl, Delhaize, and Carrefour.

In other kippenbedrijven in Flanders and in Wallonia, was, according to the organization the same “crude and disrespectful treatment” of broiler chickens recorded. Animal Rights has more animal cruelty uncovered, which the industry is in a action plan improvement promised. The Flemish minister Ben Weyts (animal Welfare) will investigate whether or not the agreements should be complied with.

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